03 Available range

 Unit type
SR Condensing unit
SP Reversible condensing unit (reversible on the refrigerant side)

VB Base Version

Acoustic setting up
AB Base setting up
AS Low noise setting up

Unit description

This series of condensing units satisfies the cooling and heating requirements of residential plants of small and medium size. All the units are suitable for outdo¬or installation and can be connected to a remote heat exchanger properly designed in order to transfer to the plant all the co¬oling (and heating for reversible units) po¬wer generated.

It is possible for example to connect direct expansion coils placed inside air handling units or remote plate heat exchangers pla-ced inside technical rooms. In both cases the lack of outdoor hydraulic pipes elimi¬nates the freezing problems and avoids brine solutions to be used.

The refrigerant circuit, contained in a compartment protected from the air flow to simplify the maintenance operations, is equipped with scroll compressor mounted on damper supports, axial fans with sa¬fety protection grilles, finned coil made of copper pipes and aluminium louvered fins and shut off valves on the liquid line and on the gas line. The reversible units are moreover supplied with reverse cycle val¬ve, thermostatic expansion valve (working in heating mode) and liquid receiver.

The circuit is protected by high and low pressure switches.

All the units can be equipped with variable speed fans control that allows the units to operate with low outdoor temperatures in cooling and high outdoor temperature in heating and permits to reduce noise emissions in such operating conditions.

The low noise acoustic setting up (AS) is obtained, starting from the base setting up (AB), reducing the rotational speed of the fans and mounting sound jackets on the compressors.

All the units are supplied with an outdoor temperature sensor, already installed on the unit, in order to realize the climatic control. All the units are provided with a phase presence and correct sequence controller device.

All the units are accurately built and indivi¬dually tested in the factory.

All the units are supplied with refrigerant charge inside. Only electric and refrige¬rant connections (between condensing unit and remote heat exchanger) are re¬quired for installation.

Compressor starting
standard (contactors)
soft starter
Fans control
on-off control
modulating control (condensation / evaporation control)
Electrical loads protection
thermal magnetic circuit breakers
Compressor power factor correction

Rubber vibration dampers
Coil protection grille
Remote control
Modbus serial interface on RS485
Programmer clock
Phase sequence and voltage controller
Remote plate heat exchanger
Liquid line